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From the moment I began reading ACE: The Story of Lt. Col. Ace Cozzalio, I could not put it down!  This book is so well written that it is truly a "page turner.”  I could see the action in the book just as if I was experiencing it myself, that's how good it is. - Ted Ellis

Rex Gooch offers the reader a carefully researched saga that truthfully presents the history of one of our finest combat leaders from the Vietnam War era.  Each event is presented in a most entertaining style that keeps the reader eager to read the next chapter. - Major General Rudolph Ostovich III, U.S. Army (retired)


I am a retired Air Force pilot who flew 100 missions in the F-105 into North Vietnam during 1967.  I selected ACE to read because I have Army friends who flew helicopters in the south and I wanted to get a feel for their mission. . . .  I found Ace to be a hero’s hero—the guy who not only got up each day to take on a very hazardous assignment, but one who did it with creativity and gusto. - Calvin H. Markwood


This book is long over-due and a fitting tribute to a genuine American legend.  There have been many books written by and about Helicopter veterans but few work so intently on establishing the essence of a complex man and patriot from childhood to his untimely passing. - John P. Conway


This is a well-written, well-researched book about a man who epitomized the Air Cavalry Scout Pilot.  Ace Cozzalio was one of those unique individuals with the combination of courage, tenacity, natural leadership, and flying skills all coming together at the right time and right place to become a legend in his unit. . . . I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend it to anyone interested in how the Air Cavalry lived and fought during the Vietnam War. - Skip Bell


VVA member Rex Gooch has written a fast-moving and fascinating account of a legendary helicopter pilot who died much too soon, and of the others he flew alongside in the Mekong Delta.  This book belongs on the bookshelf of any veteran, pilot or passenger, who experienced flying in a helicopter in Vietnam. – James P. Coan


At a time when there are so few REAL heroes, REAL role models, the true story of Ace Cozzalio is heroically powerful and inspiring. - Rich Niederhof


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